General Tender information

Bids will be advertised timeously in the site and other mediums. Each bid advertisement will stipulate its own terms and conditions. The general rule based on Supply Chain Management policy is that bids worth above thirty thousand rands below two hundred thousand rands vat inclusive will be advertised on the website and notice boards of local municipalities in the district and the district Municipality.

Bids above two hundred thousand rands below ten million rands vat inclusive will be advertised for 14 days and above ten million rands should be advertised for 30 days. The points scoring criteria will be stipulated on the individual advertisement. The 90/10 and 80/20 scoring systems will be based on the budget of the project. Factors such as HDI, women, disability and locality scoring will be applied by using BBBEE scoring criteria.

Bids for banking Institutions for primary bank account are advertised for not less than 60 days.